We break things
To fix them
Inanimate or biological
Objects, hearts and minds

Super glue for the soul
We tape over the hole
That we left in others
Because we were not whole.

cracked screen

   THERE’S A LOT of men out there, but there’s more boys,
who never gave up childhood, just bought more toys,
cars they can drive, the latest phone and Xbox live,
safe in the knowledge, that being a kid isn’t hard to survive,
when Daddy never, gave you the tools to utilise all the dreams you harboured inside,
got your ticket stamped but it’s been a fatherless ride,
just a scared kid playing hide n’ seek, your being a place for darkness to hide,
it’s so plain to see if you look at the right parts of the eyes,
cos’ the parents only raised glasses before divorcing each other – you – left startled and surprised,
the fights together or seperate love, which is best it’s hard to decide,
& through an act of rebellion you got a tattoo carved in your side,
didn’t mean much, it’s just to distract attention from the scars in your mind,
if the futures bright, the futures orange, let experience harden your rind,
but fuck it, it’s all T.V role models, Robert De Niro’s for heroes, go Scarface and snort lines,
off the silver screen, till you’re blind and cavorting with nines,
at least then you’ll have an aim in life,
instead of your father, it’s an army General makin sure you’re aimin it right.

Are you? – aiming it right?

*Forgive me I left the radio on..
I just let the stereo type, stereotype, stere otype, stereoootype..*


   THE RAP/ HIPHOP scene got stale and I haven’t been excited to listen to much of it in the best part of a decade until this cypher from Shady Records.

Eminem has been hit and miss with his recent album releases. Relapse was clearly an attempt to rap out of the funk that he was in, things got a little better on Recovery, but really, the Slim Shady that released The Marshall Mathers LP was no longer.

But with time Eminem has returned to some semblance of his former self – Bad Meets Evil with Royce Da 5’9 is great and The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was a real sign that he could nail some tracks on a commercial release again. Clearly, maintaining the hunger and desire of a pre-fame artist is incredibly difficult. You have money, notoriety, platinum albums, respect and life gets easy, in a sense. Naturally a persons mindset changes with these accolades and fortune so the lack of quality in music has some reason behind it at least.

With that in mind, check out the video above, The Shady Records CXVHPER which includes a whole cast of Interscope artists rapping without beats in a really cool video format, giving them all an opportunity to drop some nice lyrics. There’s Joe Budden, Royce and all the rest, it’s poetry. Enjoy.

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x factor simon cowell horrific garbage

I wrote this at least five years ago, but I feel it is still relevant. The rhyme scheme is a bit bananas its more of a rap/poetry jam from my angry younger mind.

Every time I see Simon Cowell,
my face changes, and rearranges into a scowl,
vomit in my mouth, sick from the bowels
I want to play Rude Countdown,
it’s clearly a two letter word, something, ‘off’
an F, C & K, I think you can think of the vowel…
I’ll write Simon 7 letters, cos his output is humdrum and this is a bit of a conundrum
I’ll get Dirty Sanchez to ‘nap him and televise him and Louis Walsh playin’ bumdrum.

Single handedly ruining the industry, but i’m wrong, you choose it
you watch the shows, see the tunes in the shops and buy that music,
he’s nearly a billionaire off the poor cover versions on the radio that fill the air
trouble is that fuckers gonna still be here n’ there, when he’s got silver hair!

Now look at the back catalogue:
Gareth Gates, big for a year then it all started to stutter
Will Young, at least he can sing…
Michelle McManus, would have dissapeared off the map if she wasn’t so fat
…and then there was who?
Kelly Clarkson, stateside, and yeah I’m still laughing
…my memory has kindly blanked out all those in between then and now
That Scottish guy, who wasn’t really an answer more of a, why?
Leona Lewis, yeah I have to admit she’s got what it takes, but if she’d never been on the show she’d have gotten the breaks
Alexandra Burke, average pop minstrel, give her a few years she’ll be looking for work
Daniel McElderry, all I have to say is, RATM, and how annoying are you? very
Well I almost forgot Girls Allowed, that ginger bird nearly ruined it for all of them.

Shut this shit down!
The best albums I have, are all people that had, the hunger cos they wanted it bad
And it shows in the quality of the tunes, they weren’t constructed in a lab
or churned out in boxes and wrapped in clear plastic erupting from bags
something smells funny about all these imposters, they got that brand new shiny feel
don’t write their own shit, do more covers than a karaoke veteran, while blind to the real
one things for sure, it’s gonna have one hell of a job, if time can heal.

The only justice in all this, is if Simon Cowell was forced to live in a padded (or paddy?) cell with John and Edward or Jedward, for the rest of his days as they play the Ghostbusters theme song repeatedly, using crudely shaped hair brushes constructed from Cowell’s ego for mics.

P.S. to those who say his trousers are too high, let them rise!. Please, leave the man alone, they should clearly be around his neck, with someone tightening the belt..


Israel continues to sink below sea level with things like this happening. Disturbing and disgraceful.

Originally posted on Sixteen Minutes to Palestine:

On Sunday night, Yusuf Hassan Al-Ramouni’s body was found hanging inside of a transit bus in Jerusalem. The 32-year-old Palestinian father of two worked for Egged, an Israeli transit bus company, and his shift was set to begin at 9:20 pm. But his bus never left the depot, and in the middle of it hung his body by a thin cord.

Despite initial reports that Yusuf had been attacked and lynched, the Israeli police ruled the death a suicide. The police later issued another statement saying that an autopsy report revealed no evidence of foul play.

However, an autopsy carried out by Palestinian physician Dr. Saber Al-Aloul indicated that there were in facts signs of struggle on Yusuf’s body. Photographs circulating the internet purport to show extensive bruising on Yusuf’s body.

Several of Yusuf’s colleagues have spoken up about the abuse faced by Palestinian bus drivers on Israeli transit services…

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   OCCASIONALLY I FORGET about the fact that WordPress, like email, also has spam.

I usually empty it out every second day or so but sometimes I forget. Well today I was in for a delightful comment on my ‘A Break from Bad’ post, pointing me in the direction of a forum with a focus on incest, enticingly, just a click away. While it doesn’t surprise me that this might exist somewhere, well – things have really gotten out of hand since those Nigerian Princes were exposed as frauds, since the ‘clairvoyant’ days of spammers presuming I had a small penis and that if I did, I could have a small penis and be hard for six hours with Viagra, while checking my share prices after some kind someone singled me out and forwarded me stock tips.

What in the hell? I never would have guessed I’d use ‘incest’ as a tag for a blog post.

washing machines

   HOME AT LAST. I dumped my duffel bag full of dirty clothes on the floor, slammed the door and went straight through to the kitchen, stopping in front of the washing machine, in its glorious household appliance standard white colour scheme.

I pulled the machine drawer out, free-pouring fabric softener in slot three. Slot two received the most generous two scoops of powder I’d ever fed it.

I paused briefly, a moment of indecision striking when most expected. We would all feel it in this situation – the universal trepidation before a big decision, telling of a lie, or worse…but it wasn’t like I’d killed anyone.

It seemed a drastic decision, but sometimes a corner is unforgiving, offering no escape.

I did it. I put it in.

Cycle 3. Fast Colours. 100 degrees.

I felt different as I stood back up listening to the water flood into the washing machine, very different.

Soon, my conscience would be clean, I mean…clear.


Alan Partridge aka real life Steve Coogan may have been off your screens recently, try a decade bar Alpha Papa, but he’s branching out with branding in the form of Polish sesame snaps called ‘AHA’ a seemingly seamless fit aligned with Alan’s business acumen and tireless desire to conquer the snack market.

Would you buy a snack inspired by this man? Of course you would!


Brought to you by midnight madness…

Advocating for people with diabetes around the world

Someone very dear to me has Type 1 diabetes, often confused with Type 2, and today is World Diabetes Day!

If you can please offer support through Twitter using the hashtags: #WDD2014 and #insulin4all


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