2006 finally caught up with me..


Hello. It was good enough for Alexander Graham Bell to use on the first telephone. It’s acceptable here.

Welcome to my blog and may the reading be with you! I’ll start with a small preamble about myself and what this place is all about.

I’m currently trying to get published (like everyone) but first off I’m trying to build up a small reservoir of material that would have potential publishability. I have written ever since I first picked up a pen. It’s pretty much like riding a bike – you don’t forget and there’s no falling off involved.

My parents tended to shun the mind numbing delights of TV, denying me intelligent programming like WWF before it was challenged by the real WWF, or Wheel of Fortune. Instead I read books and plenty of them. I used a kind of thickometer to judge whether I would tackle a book or not – more than two inches of material meant that book would not be read by me.

Now we’ve established I have read books (some more than two inches thick now!) what’s the purpose of this blog? To inspire myself as much as anyone else that might pass through this neck of the cyberwoods. My main passion for awhile was writing rap verses which then dissipated as I wasn’t going to be a rapper, and from these short stories evolved so over around 10 years of on off productivity. I have a fair mix of poems, raps, the odd song, short stories, unpublished articles, a third of a film script and about a quarter of a book.

I don’t like to think my writing fits a genre specifically but I like to tell stories with sharp dialogue mixed with political, psychological, scientific, humanistic themes. 1984 had a huge impact on me so dystopian worlds grab my attention, and I like to imagine what the future might be like. I like gritty realism, not a fan of No.1 Bestseller books – and not just because they get to go on more holidays than I do.

Favourite authors?

I can’t say there’s any one person, I have books I’ve loved and that’s the criteria so a small list goes like so: George Orwell, Alduos Huxley (to a lesser extent), Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Keigo Hagashino, Richard Feynman, Derren Brown, Christopher Brookmyre, Roald Dahl, Chuck Palahnuik, Ben Goldacre, Frank Miller, George Pelecanos, Richard Dawkins, Enid Blyton, Albert Uderzo, Rene Goscinny, Georges Remi aka Herge and short stories in general.

3 thoughts on “2006 finally caught up with me..

  1. This is a very interesting first post. Why do I feel like this is the closest we can get to Time Traveling? Haha Rap lyrics? I have written a couple of song lyrics too quite recently, and rap in French when I was about 16 – nope 18 more like😅. So you did not turn out to be the next hot thing in the hip hop industry? Well their loss – your avid readers’ gain 🙂

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    1. Haha a blast from the past.
      I like the think a blog is like a curation, a personal museum.
      As for rapping, I never quite made it…Scottish accents arent the most marketable. I mainly loved the writing process, andnthe story teling element in good rap songs.
      That’s cool you did some rapping, still do any?

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      1. Haha, I can still rap a French title by NTM, “Laisse pas traîner ton fils” – which means something along the lines of “don’t let go of your son”

        As for my own lyrics, I did write some, but never quite made it to interpreting them either. I am learning the guitar and I will take singing classes next year though, so who knows, a folk tune might pop out of my imagination some day^^

        I agree with you on songs, really good ones often tell stories or have this poetic mood in them that makes them so fascinating to listen to over and over again.

        I like the idea of the personal museum. I think of mine as a mosaic capture of my essence, and a word-filled reflection of my mind. The material is way too recent to feel like a museum just yet ^^ – except maybe that nine year old letter to myself I dug out of my ancient files.

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