Are you writing comfortably?


Yes? No? Maybe? Don’t know? Other?? Sick of seeing those words grouped together? Yes, no, maybe…ok, ok I’ll stop there.

Writing is hard on the back and I’m not even the wrong side of any number you can think of. Where I am sat right now, at my desk in the study aka spare bedroom, the seat isn’t adjustable, the desk too high. This sounds boring but hold on. This is not conducive to writing well or wanting to write. Why not get an office chair? Well, I can’t afford one. I’m not even a published writer remember?

So, either I write in the study with peace and quiet, or in the living room with this laptop on my lap where there’s more interuption.

Enter our esteemed friends…ergonomics and anthropometrics. The height of the desk, seat height, elbow height and sitting height all come into play as well as other factors. Getting a standing work station a la Ernest Hemmingway might be the way to go for some.

Copyright of Life Magazine
Copyright of Life Magazine

I know I can type sit for a long time without moving much which isn’t good so getting off my ass literally is a good move as the blood struggles to circulate.

 Maybe you have to go backwards to go forward like the modern aged man below.

ergonomic computer station

Either way sitting in a comfortable position is not only good for you but will help you write. My innadequate desk means I have to lean forward too much, my hands are above my elbows reaching up at the keys. If it was more comfortable I’m sure I’d be more productive. I’m sure of it.

That’s another thing to add to my list..

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