How many words is enough for you?

How many words?
How many words?

On a good day I write 2000+. A bad day is not writing at all.

I’m about a quarter of my way through my first book. And like most writer’s, abusing a keyboard until little characters appear on a screen isn’t my main priority as much as I’d like it to be, and some days pretend it to be.

Do you set yourself a daily or weekly target? If so, what’s a solid number that you feel satisfied with when you shut down for the evening?

I’ve heard some writer’s say they try and knock out around 3000 words a day, usually professional. While some amateur’s will tell you 500 is an acheivement for them. I’m currently doing a Master’s dissertation but I have plenty of ‘free’ time, so I’m trying to do around 800 words per day. I’ve had the odd day of 2000 word bursts when feeling really in the zone. What’s your quota?


  1. I’ve found that I’m not happy unless I get at least 1,000 words done a day…not sure why that’s the magic number; more makes my happy as well, but not proportionally (does that make sense?). BTW, where did you find that awesome picture? 🙂

    1. Many thanks for nominating me! I’m hugely glad someone enjoys what I stick on my blog.

      I’m a little confused by how the Libester nomination thing works. Do I do what you did in your blog in the link you sent?

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