What if someone steals it?!

plagiarism of your ideasThat’s right. What if someone steals your precious work which you’ve laboured over for days weeks and possibly even years in some cases? The thought alone is enough to create some degree of paranoia especially with the internet being so hackable.

I think the underlying worry about plagiarism or outright theft escalates largely from our own overestimation of what we’ve written. What I consider dear, is another person’s random jumble of writing which hold zero significance to them. Only once published does material really gain value unless unpublished material is stolen by a well known author.

But copyright applies to work as soon as you’ve written it, intellectual rights are yours. Anybody found to be breaching them can be chased. To what extent are you paranoid over your work getting into the wrong hands? What safeguards are in place?

Some people are members of writing circles and in some adventurous cases even squares or triangles. Many exist on the internet as well. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing my work in progress with anonymous members of a forum. What if they copy an idea? What if they steal a character? A plot line?..and the list goes on.

How do you go about getting feedback without the plagiarism monster rearing it’s ugly head? Ask random members of the public before disposing of their bodies? I’m kidding. That’s way too much effort.

2 thoughts on “What if someone steals it?!

  1. I’m much the same. I’d never put something up I planned to sell.

    I used to be on a forum and some idiots did ‘bite’ and copied others work to claim as their own, utterly pointless really, always got found out.


  2. I don’t think about it much, though I am pretty certain some of what I have written has been stolen without attribution. If I put it on WordPress, I am “willing,” to accept the possibility. If I DID stumble upon a direct, unattributed lifting of my work, I would send and e-mail asking for an attribution. Stuff that I intend to publish for financial gain, I keep off the Internet.


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