The Good Gatsby?

great gatsby                   The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I spotted it several months ago in Waterstone’s and wanted to get it but didn’t have the money. Then this Baz Lurhman feller decides he’s going  to bring out a movie about this very novel.

So that leaves me in a predicament. I have rules for this kind of thing. 1. I read books before films, and 2. If I’ve seen the film I don’t read the book.

With the opening only eight days away I have a new copy thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, with a beautiful cover and I can read it before the movie comes out, which I want to see.

First impression. It seems very fresh considering it’s from the 20’s. The writing is quite modern and it has aged well. Thankfully it wasn’t published as Trimalchio an early title for it. The Great Gatsby is quite an alluring title and holds some mystery. It makes Gatsby sound like an event or some happening when in fact Gatsby is one of the main characters.

I’m not going to divulge plot points or any spoilers. I’m not too sure what to make of it as a whole. I liked Fitzgerlad’s writing style and the general feel of the book. It’s very short at only 180 pages and does take a susbtastantial portion of the book to get into the swing of things. I liked the characters although didn’t feel greatly attached to any of them but the East coast lifestyle of the upper crust came across really well.

Overall it wasn’t as impactful as I thought it might be, perhaps my expectations had been built up too much. I feel like I’d maybe need a second reading to assess it better. I don’t think it is as good as it is made out to be, but at the same time I’d not discourage anyone from reading it. The accessibility and ease of the read mean it’s perfect for a wide range of age groups. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did but at the same time can’t find any major criticisms. A mixed bag for me. You won’t forget Gatsby in a hurry all the same.

That’s it.. old sport!

2 thoughts on “The Good Gatsby?

  1. Try, sometime, The Man in The Gray Flannel Suit, by Sloane Wilson; then, perhaps, the movie, which starred Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones and Lee J. Cobb.


    1. I’ll look into thanks for the suggestion and comments.


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