Music to write to

Just a quick brain spew. What music do you write to? What gets your creative juices flowing above the tide mark?

I anchor my music with the James Bond theme music before I start a session. From time to time I need to block out background noise or just sledge hammer my brain into working Soviet style.

big-requiem-for-a-dream-ostI find the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack is a great mood piece. I can always write something with that filling my ears. Occassionally I’ll use haunting music and match it to a haunting scene as well to compliment the genre, or something more upbeat for a cheerier section. I don’t know about you but I can’t write if the music has words in it, it totally disrupts my concentration.

What’s your audio zimmer frame when struggling (or not) to write?

9 thoughts on “Music to write to”

  1. Usually “ambient” music, or some light classical – something Baroque. That is for “casual” writing. When I am writing for a book, I tend to prefer silence.

    1. Requiem has a lot of different bursts of music, really good change ups and different tempos.

      That’s interesting you can write to rock music. I’d find the lyrics too distracting and end up typing in some Springsteen lyrics into a paragraph.

      1. My ears click to the instrumental more than the words. I zone out on words when I’m writing. I’ve been using music as a background item since I was a kid, so it’s become more of a soothing technique.

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