Sinatra – The Man Behind the Myth

Nice and easy does it. This is an incredible read and well researched by J .Randall Taraborrelli for anyone who is a fan of ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself. It is a compelling sinatraautobiography that charts the ups and the downs and the up of Frank’s life. There’s enough drama and intrigue to keep you rolling through the pages very quickly despite the thickness of the book.There are some great pictures as well which give a visual dimension to some of the eras of Frank’s life.

You’ll find everything from his Hoboken beginnings to his rise to fame through Tom Dorsey and beyond. I can’t recommend this enough to a fan of Sinatra, and even if you aren’t hugely enamoured with his works the book reads like some fictional tale all the same. Of course there’s music, the Rat Pack, women, gangsters, political connections, scandals, Old Hollywood, rivalries, regrets, kdinappings and so much else besides.

sinatra and avaYou get a great feel for what he might have been like to be around, precocious, cocky and not afraid to speak his mind, often to his detriment. He changed in his later years through tragedies and various events that had huge impacts on him.  Above all else his music is the lasting legacy, an unrivalled voice and charisma on the microphone to this day. I’m trying not to come across as a major fan-boy, but it’s a fascinating read and Taraborrelli does a superb job in reliving Frank Sintatra’s life in as much detail and truth as possible.

You’ll also find tracks and recordings to search out which you might have missed.

2 thoughts on “Sinatra – The Man Behind the Myth

  1. HUGE Sinatra fan! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂


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