‘Bread Scientist’ and more ridiculous job titles

bread scientistridiculous_job_titles_2 





You know those really obnoxious government jobs that get the name makeover? I was thinking about them. And of how fun it is to come up with equally ridiculous job titles for a myriad of positions out there. They try so hard to make the moribund sound appealing and worthwhile. Please join in.

Enter the following job titles into a government think tank and watch these sort of results spew forth.


Dish washer becomes —> Kitchenware Technician

Burger flipper becomes —> Patty Chef

Postman —> PDE (Packages and Delivery Expert)

Vending machine stocker —> Food and Libation Facilitator

Gym instructor —> Obesity Prevention Representative

Coffee maker —> Barrista…

Pilot —> Gravity Defiance Commander

Librarian —> Word Resources Manager

Artist —> Colour Merchant

Cleaner —> Hygiene Specialist

Politician —> Master Evader of Reality and Truth..

Some are a bit hit and miss but you get the jist. Fire away!


Please, type what you think

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