Writing Out Of Writer’s Block

Yeah, yeah, big deal, everyone’s been there. Well if you write, of course you have but sometimes it doesn’t really hit home until you start to write, despite your brain telling you to go and do something totally unproductive. Suddenly even doing the dishes sounds appealing rather than write.


The creative juices have been running dry for the last few days. Just nothing there. Or so I thought. Having spent the day farting about distracting myself from the laptop, even casting an evil eye towards it’s shiny red and black shell from time to time, I decided to stop being pathetic and sit down and hit keys.

Five hundred words later and I feel better, like something has literally changed in my brain chemistry. I reread what I wrote. Quite a lot of ‘stiff’ writing. Not the most creative, not as eloquently stated as I’d like, but I progressed a story. It moved. Reluctantly, but still, words were typed.

It felt like my thinking was sticky, glued or syrup like. There was little flow but sometimes I have to remember that writing through a rough patch is the only way to get through it. If I hadn’t written 500, I’d be in the same mental block tomorrow and so on until I committed myself to write. And I wouldn’t have written this post.


4 thoughts on “Writing Out Of Writer’s Block

  1. steviepreater May 30, 2013 — 7:41 AM

    So true. You can’t sit around and wait for the perfect words to come. Just got to make yourself write something, because something is better than nothing. Easier said than done though, some days.


    1. Yeah there’s always THAT day when it seems a mountainous task.


  2. I’ve noticed the same thing about my writing, but you expressed it in a much more interesting way than I ever could.


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