Podcasts – a great learning tool for writing

podcast_iconFor those who write, clearly you cannot be writing all the time. Small chores need to be taken care of, often five minutes before the girlfriend returns. I find while doing little things here and there is the best time to learn about writing using podcast episodes.

I had never previously got into podcasts until I got a tablet. It is so easy to subscribe and then any you follow automatically download every time there is a new cast on the go. The portability of a tablet means I can listen and learn anywhere in the flat. Sometimes it’s nice to listen rather than read.

So for anyone who hasn’t got into podcasts yet I seriously advise you to download some. You can do it on pretty much any device imaginable now. Except maybe a Walkman.

For anyone bored by the previous three paragraphs here’s the skinny. The two podcasts I’ve enjoyed and devoured are:

I Should Be Writing with  Mur Lafferty

Episodes – 295!

Episode length – 8 mins to 50 min specials, a huge variety

She has been podcasting for something like 8 years and has a great tone in her delivery of information and advice. The reason why it is so good is because she too was an aspiring author but now she is published and you can learn from what she has done. She covers so much material that entirely relates to being a struggling author it is commendable. I love her attitude as well. Download an episode!


Inside Creative Writing with  Brad Reed

Episodes – 10

Episode length – from 25 mins to 50 mins long

This was a speculative subscription and I’m very glad I downloaded it. It only started a few months ago but Brad has a great command of his material and gets some brilliant guests on the show. He has a really warm and enthusiastic approach,  covering writing techniques and all sorts of other helpful tools for you writers to improve your prose. Brad’s casts are more in depth and perhaps require closer attention than Mur’s so you have a nice flexibility and mixture of materials between the two.


 Is there one you think I should be listening to? Let me know.

1 thought on “Podcasts – a great learning tool for writing

  1. I have really learned a lot from this one- http://www.thecreativepenn.com/podcasts/
    and sometimes this one is fun- http://selfpublishingpodcast.com/


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