By the time I'm done it will be nightfall
By the time I’m done it will be nightfall

“Alienation, death, dogs, life and figuring out where to turn – an American dream can become a nightmare. Where to turn Changeez?”

Regardless of what the editing process may entail, there are 50,000 words down, in some semblance of a novel. My unreliable sources assure me that that equates to roughly 175 pages in a reasonable sized book. I forget when I started the book in earnest, I think around December. What started as short story idea has become my first novel.

I’ve found that some days I haven’t written as much as I’d like to have but on other days I have exceeded expectations and written much more.

Sitting down consistently is the hardest part and procrastinating. Turning the broadband off and anchoring each session helps me focus but I’ve yet to get into a real routine in terms of length of time writing and having a set time period.

I have studies to focus on, so I’m pleased that at this stage of the year I have reached around the half way mark. I don’t want my book to be much over 350 pages and it’s going to be a challenge but fun to get my whole story squeezed into a set word limit by the end of 2013.

Rather than be self congratulating I’m just reflecting in the blogosphere mirror.

Roll on the next 50k..

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