The blog ate my homework!

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‘If I write this short story instead of blogging, my one follower will stop visiting and find another blog to read, poorer in quality, but hey, at least there are regular updates.’

That’s the cyclical fear factory that blogging produces in my head sometimes; the fear that as any free time spent away from the laptops’ stern glare results in attrition, with visitorship sinking rapidly while the stats bar looks increasingly like someone has died.

I find blogging provides avenues to park my head outside of, but the parking meter never expires and the ticket inspector decides to take a day off. There is so much to explore and novelty it is hard sometimes to extract myself from discovery and focus on another project. Dam you will power! And what are you looking at blog? You’re not so innocent either!

When you start a blog you don’t want it to stop you writing, the opposite is usually conducive to getting shit done. But it is fun and great to share and swap opinions, comments and creativity and despite the fact it has distracted me on many an occasion I’m sure I’ve learnt plenty along the way so far.

If you want to be really counterproductive I recommend a Twitter account as well.

2 thoughts on “The blog ate my homework!

  1. I’ve purposefully stayed faaaar away from Twitter.


    1. Haha, perhaps a wise thing. Although to be fair I waste more time elsewhere than on twitter, so it’s been a good thing and I have a news headline thing most days, in a vaguely comedic take of current events.


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