Losing the plot

crazy-writerWELL, not quite. But I’m at that midway stage of writing my book where I’m forgetting who went where, when and for what reason. I’m unable to recall last names of characters, who they’ve met and a swathe of other details which if left any longer will make the editing process a horror show.

I’d advise anyone at a similar stage of a book to do the same. The halfway point is a good stage to take a breather and assess the progress made and smoothing out any inaccuracies or gaps in the plot. Keeping a track of the story time can be hard also. E.g. character F sets off home and it’s dark, while character M is introduced in the next scene and it’s still light outside – those sorts of things. Because if I can’t spot them now, if they escape my beady eye of judgement, someone else will which isn’t ideal.

I’m treating the storyline like a ball of wool that I’m disturbingly obsessive over and determined to hold on to, while cats the size of lions – bugger it, lions are cats – right, lions the size of cats are desperately trying to grab the loose ends and play with them. You didn’t think it was for knitting did you? Opposable thumb problem.

Editing the last two pages that you have written before beginning again is a good way to stay on top of the general story and saves a tedious edit of the entire thing if you leave it. Back to work!

10 thoughts on “Losing the plot

  1. I will be editing my novel on Sunday. This is going to be a major rework – but I’m looking forward to cutting out the chaff and keeping the good stuff. I’m even thinking that I might start v3 from a place which is currently, right in the middle! Good luck with yours.. 🙂


  2. Excellent idea! Haven’t been brave enough to attempt a book yet. Short stories are my comfort zone. But if, and I emphasise the “if” I ever do, will definitely keep this piece of advice in mind. 🙂


    1. If you can write a short story you can write a novel. I started with short stories and this is my first attempt. I hope you do it some day. 🙂


  3. Yep, I have to keep notes. Usually on Word I have the main story open and the StoryNotes in another window. Otherwise it would be a horrible mess, and I’ll forget things as simple as character eye and hair color.


    1. Sounds like a good system! Is story notes a software or your name for the notes? If so – is it freeware?


      1. Just a regular Word document in a different window so I can toggle back and forth. 🙂


  4. I have to keep a legal pad with notes. As I create a character, I jot down first and last names, why I derived the name that I did, what chapter I introduced the person, etc, because I have a terrible memory for it!


    1. I’ll do the same for my next book. Good to have something to reference other than another tab on the screen.
      Right now I’m creating a character sheet of all the details of each person so I don’t screw up the second half of the story – my memory is being stretched to the limit!


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