If a radio broadcast airs in a forest – who hears it?

scotland galloway park

THAT old philosophical chestnut – if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound? My old answer has always been yes – the squirrels do. But as we now know from hundreds of years of studying animals, they cannot talk to us or communicate to us in a way that we can understand.radio antenna

A Scottish radio station is planning a music broadcast of unheard and new songs over 24 hours in a forest from some big bands and lesser known outfits. The twist is that none of the songs will be played again so the only way to hear them is by going to the designated area to listen, an area chosen for its low light pollution meaning it is also ideal for star gazing. In Scotland that means if it isn’t raining, which means the chances are slim.

It’s an interesting idea. My only worry would be that hordes of people turn up and trash a natural beauty spot. And will the music be to the tastes of the resident squirrels?

Thanks to Wired:


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