WordPress word limit

too many wordsI will attempt to keep this shorter than the skirt of a flesh peddler.

It should be said I myself am equally as guilty at times. There seems to be a limit, of around 400 words on a post, and a letter over puts you through to ‘too long to read’ territory.

A sign of the times I guess. People don’t want stories on here as much as they want succinct articles of interest. Which is fine.

Being on my tablet makes me read more longer stuff, but it is almost laborious sometimes reading long pieces on the laptop. Told you I was as guilty.

What happened to attention spans?

Oh look! A fly!

black fly


9 thoughts on “WordPress word limit

  1. Good post. I read blogs the same way. I like my info quick! But with a straight face, I have posts up to 1,100ish words lol.


    1. That’s the funny thing. Everybody reads the quick stuff – few people read the long stuff. YET, most people also post longer stuff than they’d read on another persons site.
      Someone is reading them!


  2. When I don’t read longer pieces, (which is occasionally, I usually read them), it is mainly because I follow too many bloggers and run out of time. Even then I try to come back to them. My atte . . . hey, cool fly!


    1. Yeah time is a definite issue, however sometimes I get sucked in and spend too much time looking at blogs. Information fiend!


      1. Haha! I might be guilty of that myself 😉


  3. Love it! My posts are always around the 1000 word mark (gasp, splutter) so only people who want to read them will read them. Which is fine. I only hope they have YouTube or Facebook open on another page to work as a welcome distraction throughout…


    1. 1000?!!!!!!! That’s crazy talk. 🙂

      I simply don’t bother with long long stories now. I try and curtail it to under 1500 at the most. I see a lot of people will publish one long post in a series. Not sure you get the same impact reading an excerpt then having to come back several times to find out what’s happening.


  4. Laughing. I find the shorter my posts the more people click on them. That said, when my hands work better they’ll be longer ones. Smiles


    1. 🙂
      People love something to fill about a minute and then to move on to something new.


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