No ball games

I distinctly remember returning from a long hiatus from Scotland aged 13, having flown from Canada and finding these signs everywhere a child might play.

Symptomatic of a sick society if ever there was one. I never could figure it out then – children are encouraged to get out and play. And yet, and yet, some people, the non-thinkers did not want this to happen.

Additionally the local council decided that summer time was best to remove all goalposts meaning kids had no goals during the summer months – the one stretch of time when the weather is good and kids are off school.



5 thoughts on “No ball games

  1. I live in Scotland and those signs used to drive me mad while I was growing up. I’m out of the cities now, and there aren’t so many out in the country but like you say; somehow that makes it sadder. I take it you don’t get them in Canada then?


    1. I dont remember seeing any of those signs but i wasnt in built up areas much. Perhaps a Canadian can enlighten us? Thanks for swinging by.


      1. Ah, sorry. Thought that’s where you were from. You’re welcome btw. Thanks for dropping in on my blog too πŸ™‚


  2. “Keep off the grass”

    One of my earliest memories is throwing a tennis ball to Mum in our back garden. It was autumn and the sun was the same colour as the maple leaves, but the grass was green. I was never much for the outdoors (poor hand-eye coordination, allergies) but I’ve always felt lucky to have a backyard to call our own, free of what other people might think.


    1. Yeah that is a precious thing to have. I used to play basketball an football in my backyard. I was lucky i had one.

      These signs tend to be in the more deprived areas which makes their message even sadder. No kid should feel guilty about playing outside. Its just bloody sad, but you can imagine the types who would complain because a kid kicked a ball onto their lawn.


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