Writing about not writing

studious gorillaMY dissertation centred around gambling is getting into the launch stage and my creative output will most likely suffer a great deal. I’ll be rounding up participants, literally if the ethics committee will permit it and writing up the dissertation part and analysing data.

So one way or another I will be writing but it’s more typing, as there isn’t that creative aspect to academic writing. I’m going to miss working on my book but obviously a Masters has a huge priority over anything else. I might sneak in a few writing sessions here and there time permitting but it wont be the same as I’ll likely be fatigued from sitting slumped in front of a computer screen and from staring at Word.

My main worry is that during my self imposed hiatus I’ll come back to my characters, my story world, middle America, dogs and alienation feeling like a stranger myself. There’s a little teaser, but I’m sure one way or another I’ll bash out some words. Frankly as long as I get something down and stay familiar then I’ll be happy. The aim is still to have the novel finished by end of 2013.

2 thoughts on “Writing about not writing

  1. I think that academic writing has a bad effect on creative writing.
    That was my experience, anyway.

    Good luck.


    1. Thanks, and you’re bang on. Since my dissertation has loomed I haven’t really felt too creative – I hate the logical step by step procedure of academia.


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