Prologue: A rectangle is now my favourite shape. It used to be a triangle.

I was looking:

At a computer screen.

Out of a car windscreen.

At a tablet screen.

Down at a mobile phone screen.

Playing on a handheld screen.

At a tv screen.

Actively looking for any other screens.

And I realised, how insidiously modernity had stolen my precious glances,

Stockholm Syndrome, hostage eyeballs,

stopping me from seeing past a rectangle.

Are we looking in or out?

Call me droll,

But it’s time to think outside the rectangle.

5 thoughts on “Screens

  1. Love it. Hostage eyeballs is a great image and feels ironic given how I’m reading this poem.


  2. Ohh, I like this, especially the ‘Are we looking in or out’ part. Not too sure whether the triangle actually refers to something or if it’s just a random choice though.


    1. Appreciated. As for the triangle reference, it is my favourite shape, if we’re going to have favourite shapes, the idea being that from looking at screens so long a rectangle has slowly usurped it.


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