Becoming Employed

IT is amazing that anyone ever does is it, is it not?job hunting hell

Reliable sources not yet addled with Alzheimers and dementia tell me that you could go from job to job once upon a time in the West. If there was a job available and you were first to get to the employer and you looked reasonable, bam! you have a job. Clearly times have changed for better and worse. I’m not here to say I wished I were alive in the 60’s (although I doubt that would have been a terrible thing).

My problem is that getting a job is a terrific bore. Even the most menial shitty jobs that require zero learning beforehand seem to require some sort of personality test, brain scan and stamp of medical approval before you come on board “for a trial period”.

Then you try and get a proper adult person job and the whole process is even more horrific. I understand employers wanting the ‘right’ person on board but it’s at a point where the prospect of even searching for a job is hellish – that’s if there are any jobs available, the robots haven’t taken over yet.

Anyone else share in this burdensome modern job hunt where being yourself just doesn’t seem to be quite enough?

14 thoughts on “Becoming Employed

  1. Your points are all sound. I don’t find the maintaining of a job to be a whole lot more endearing.


    1. Yeah that can be a bitch as well 🙂 depending on colleagues


  2. I think you’re right, and in France they go in for your hand-writing analysis in a big way as well (which would count me out of anything).

    One option is to work for yourself, then you’re likely to pass the tests.


    1. Yeah self-employed is the way forward. One day…


  3. It’s less horrible (although still not fun) if you have a technical, hands-on, kind of skill. I know enough plumbing, wiring, carpentry, mechanics, and such that I can work for just about anybody who needs things fixed.

    That’s why my advice to budding writers is to forget getting an MFA, learn to weld instead.


    1. Ha ha I like it. My dad always said to do something you could do anywhere in the world. Applied Psychology isn’t quite universal!


  4. I understand your plight. Market your skills. I found that volunteer work can get you out there and sometimes gets you connected. It also looks good on your resume.


    1. I have volunteered very recently – gives me a little confidence as I know a lot of people dont do it. Its more the actual process of hoop jumping for hoop jumpings sake.


  5. This is so freakin’ true! I have been on a job hunt for a couple of months, and “hellish” is a tame description.


    1. Isnt it absurd. Getting a job is quickly becoming some sort of twisted game.


  6. I’m with ya. A couple of years a go when I was a college student I got rejected from a job at McDonalds. That’s pretty low. Not to be big headed or anything but come on McDonalds, I’m sure I could flip burgers as well as the next guy… Ah well, probably for the best


    1. Prolly for the best for sure 🙂 scummy corporation anyway.


  7. It’s frustrating and down right maddening I’m sure. I am hoping something finds you! Smiles


    1. Thank you. I have a couple months to get it sorted.


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