That Feeling

william h gas writing quote

IT can’t be bettered. The rush, the exhilaration. In the flow, unconscious to the world except what you are doing.

What am I referring to? Writing of course.

I just knocked out a 1500 word short story in a couple hours. And sometimes the words don’t come to you, the thing doesn’t hang together, meshed with a sense of one theme. Well it did and although I haven’t written in a fictional capacity for a short while it felt so damn good.

It’s pretty euphoric.

I hope you all had and have a good writing day.

7 thoughts on “That Feeling

  1. Ah! Lucky you. I am having quite opposite experience right now, where the story is just not coming along. I am ready to abandon, jump ship, pretend I never started writing it….


    1. Persevere! Writing fluidly comes and goes, as long as you’re making notes on ideas and thinking about writing at least some of the time, next time you sit down things should be easier.


      1. Thank you! I live in hope. 😉


  2. That quote is so powerful, I think I read it about three times now. Congrats on the short story too, it’s such a nice feeling to finish something and not having it rolling around your head anymore. 🙂


  3. It is a wonderful feeling. Congratulations! And a good day to you 🙂 Peace . . .


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