What do you collect?

Joker card

What bric-a-brac, ephemera and miscellany do you collect?

I go through phases of collecting things, feeling the need to own things and horde them. No idea why, it just happens.

Basketball cards, books, vinyl and CDs, highlighters for some bizarre reason, badges (at one point) and my latest thing playing cards, especially the jokers. Cards have been a feature of my life since a kid and there are a lot of different things to keep an eye out for.

Humans seem to have a natural tendency to collect stuff so I’m interested in what WordPressers are stashing away? And what are your motivations for doing so? For investment or pure amusement?

18 thoughts on “What do you collect?

  1. me & my son collect treasures together … wherever we are … on the beach … car boot sale … in the woods. i think for us is about ‘finding’ as well as finding out about ; – ) thanks for an interesting post & blog!


  2. Like you, I’ve collected a variety of things over the years. I went through typical 90s phases of baseball cards and beanie babies. But when I was in college, it was different bottle caps from craft brews.


    1. It’s funny how humans love to collect things, valuable or not. Makes life more interesting either way.


  3. I collect vinyl records.Because I just love the old smell,makes me feel I can time travel to the 80’s or 60’s.I’m really crazy about those days and I’m so frustrated because I wasn’t born that time.


    1. I was going through my small collection yesterday – i know exactly what you mean.


  4. Daniel E. Devine August 17, 2013 — 3:16 PM

    I went through a period of my life where I used to collect baseball caps – which was weird, since I’ve always disliked baseball (and sports in general). Looking back now, I can’t remember why I had this hobby.

    I also used to collect comic books – though that was more for the enjoyment of reading them than to actually build a collection.


  5. I collect other people’s stress. I have so many of them, I had to go out and get another person to dump them on, but that person is also another people, so I couldn’t resist carrying that person’s stress as well. I should really think about downsizing and list all this stress on eBay or something.


  6. Books and CDs.
    As they take over the space I give away books, mostly to charity shops,
    and have been trying to replace CDs with FLAC files.
    With limited success.


      1. The older ones, or recent knock-offs that look like older ones. I like the 60’s and 70’s look.


  7. Rocks, typewriters, and tortoises.


    1. An interesting mix! I hope you don’t keep the tortoises in an album..


      1. Nope, just the rocks.


  8. I collect baseball cards for my grandson. I go out with the wife every Saturday and go garage sailing. She looks for her stuff, niknaks and the sort and I go for baseball cards. Normally we go to ten to twenty sales in the area. She buys four things and I usually find one person with cards and spend less than $5. So for less than ten dollars we spend the morning together as husband and wife doing the same thing. It is a tradition.


    1. That’s a nice way to spend time together. Me and my girlfriend love browsing flea markets and charity shops for this and that…maybe in some years time I’ll be doing something similar to you.


      1. Enjoy your youth. It goes quickly. Alice and I have been together since 1970. May you have an equal time together.


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