I Shot


I found a portal and…

I, shot Genghis Khan off his horse,

I, poisoned Alexander before he could be great

I, beheaded Nero with a double edged sword

I, picked Stalin off from a mile away

I, bought every one of Hitler’s paintings

I, had a holiday in Cambodia and killed Pol Pot

I, bashed Mugabe’s brain in with a ballot box

I, got a two for one deal on Bush Jr and Blair

I, would have killed more.


We never learn.


There’s plenty more where they came from.

4 thoughts on “I Shot

  1. If only we could go back and change history, Then again I probably would never be born.


  2. The last two statement are a sad truth


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been away for awhile. Thanks for reading and I’ll swing over and read more of your work soon.


      1. Happy to see you here, it matters not about my work. Glad you’re back.


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