Gone Girl – Review

gone-girl-gillian flynn

THIS wasn’t my ‘usual’ read, my girlfriend insisted I read it after she was done with it.

At first I wasn’t too sure, the author Gillian Flynn tells the tale of a disappearance through the wife and husbands POV in separate narratives. But the more I read it the more I enjoyed it, Flynn has a great writing style that’s easy to read but has plenty of humour and sarcasm to keep the pages turning, as well as an interesting tale that unfurls with good pace as the chapters go by.

It took about 80+ pages to get into this but I really enjoyed it and would recommend it as one of the better thrillers I’ve read recently and through one way or another I don’t seem to read many books by female authors but Gone Girl was really enjoyable, you start rooting for one or other character at various points.

The plot and the twists and turns are excellently thought out and the novel packs a punch, something I wasn’t expecting as it has been so popular.




The main gripe I have is the ending. The difficult part of any book. And it seemed to me that Flynn either opted to leave it open for a sequel which is really disappointing as Hollywood and the media industry seem intent on cranking out sequels all over the shop.

Besides that, it just didn’t sit right, the idea that after all that has happened things just turn out ok, because they need each other. It has a certain dark romance to it but I didn’t buy it, like Britney Spears last album, or any previous to it.

1 thought on “Gone Girl – Review

  1. I agree. I loved the build up of the novel but was left not believing it would have ended like that. I wanted one or the other to win, rather than the ambiguous ending we were given. Bit of a let down but I really enjoyed the rest of the book.


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