The Smell of Success

fragranceBEFORE all the perfume ads start on TV in the run up to Christmas, here’s the ones you won’t see advertised. Please add some of your own too.

‘Update’ from Bill Gates (download password to use. not Mac compatible)

‘Black Gold’ the national fragrance of Dubai

‘Employed’ bottled, by Alan Sugar

‘Distracted’ a G. W. Bush Jr. aftershave

‘PreNup’ by J. Lo

‘No Escape’ – Kim Jong Un

‘Oral’ for her – by Michael Douglas

‘Wanted’ by J. Assange

‘Seriously?’ pour homme – J.McEnroe

‘Topless Corruption’ a fragrance by Putin

‘GUM’ eau de parfum – Miley Cyrus

‘Secret (Room)’ for him and her, well mostly her, by Fritzl

‘Wooden’ pour homme – A. Kutcher

‘Why?’ by TOWIE

‘Immature’ from the estate of J. Saville

‘Chlorine’ a fragrance for men – M. Phelps

‘Mine’ eau de parfum from Lady Thatcher

‘Outburst’ by Kanye West (for men of African American descent only)

‘Fallujah’ the rugged fragrance of the Taliban

‘Balls’ the smell of Sepp Blatter

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