We live in ancient Rome…sort of

fall of the westRome at its peak was run by corrupt and disturbingly murderous rulers. Traitors abounded, scoundrels, scandals (and sandals) were permanent fixtures. They threw up into sick buckets to make way for more food. Arenas entertained thousands with exotic animals tearing each other, and gladiators apart. Empty lives overthrown by entertainment. A sprawling empire that could not contain itself nor rule itself effectively. Greed and an overstretching of the resources are partly why it all fell apart.

The thing is no matter how great something becomes, it must decline to be overtaken by something else in due course – sports teams, business, fitness, writing, you name it. Genghis Khan, Chinese Dynasties, Alexander the Great, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians – and the United Kingdom and America can be added to that list of nations or empires who have tasted the greatness and are on the decline.

This has been the case for many years for the U.K. and on a larger scale the West in general. As soon as we stopped plundering and disrupting the residents of poorer countries, colonisation had to die away and ever since we withdrew from countries under our rule, the ‘Great’ part of Britain has been under attack. In the same vein America has reached a height it can no longer hope to reach again. Economically shot to pieces by greed and corruption.

I find it scary but reassuring somehow that history repeats itself – it shows humans to be the short sighted self gratifying sons of bitches our ancestors would be proud of. Nothing has changed apart from technology. And if anything, that in itself has made us even more distanced from reality while paradoxically providing us with all the information we could need or want at our fingertips.


4 thoughts on “We live in ancient Rome…sort of

  1. I’ve been saying this for years about the US… (where I’m from). It is true. I agree with your take on the situation and like the part about technology.


  2. As in Rome do as the Romans. Not me 🙂


  3. An interesting side note. The rich people of Rome eat off the best dishes. Those dishes were made special they contain a base of lead. In other words they slowly over the years had retardation due to lead poisoning. That probably is the story of Washington, they eat rich food and it has gone to their heads.


    1. Interesting. And a very good analogy as well. I think complacency creeps in for the victors always, it’s just a matter of time until the downfall begins.


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