The New Guy

WELL work is tough – but you already knew that. I started my job 3 weeks ago but i’m still exhausted most nights when I come home. My hours aren’t even terrible in fact they are very civilised. I enjoy the work. The people are nice, the service users easy enough to get along with. No complaints.

But I’m the new guy. Everything is new and chaotic. It is easy to think I should be settled and on top of everything already, but it takes time to adjust; new routine, early beds, early nights etc. It’s easy to beat yourself up at this stage because everything is so effortless for other workers. So, i’m trying to take it easy on myself. A glass of wine here and there – from someone who never drinks wine usually.

It isn’t all bad though – I will get paid! At least that’s the general idea sold to me…

As a side effect my story output peaked with the adrenaline of the first week and has now gone Grizzly-in-winter, highly unproductive. I shall awaken it as soon as possible.

1 thought on “The New Guy

  1. It’s always tough being the “new guy”. But, that passes.


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