A Break from Bad

Breaking-Bad-WallpaperFINISHED. Done. All over. Series five, Episode 16. The cook – has left the kitchen.

Not since Lost have I been this engaged and wrapped up in one television show. I was late to the party having started watching three months ago but now it is done. It really is an excellent TV show, with engaging characters and storylines not least my favourite onscreen lawyer (the only kind?) (and I hear he has a spin-off) Saul Goodman aka Bob Odenkirk with the funniest dialogue. The premise is great, a frustrated Chemistry teacher gets into cooking crystal meth as a result of being given a year at most to live due to his lung cancer.

So what starts off as an act of fatherly devotion by Walter White aka Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) to ensure his family is taken care of quickly spirals out of control; murder, drugs, affairs, slippery lawyers, close enemies, addiction – you name it and Breaking Bad will cover it at some point. You will find yourself hating then liking, and liking then hating a whole host of characters.

Another great thing about Breaking Bad is the direction which doesn’t go in for the tried and tested shots or the usual shooting styles. For fans of film in its strictest sense this just adds to the multidimensional appeal of the show as you are treated to varied cinematography, so even when the plot simmers down a little it’s always a pleasure to watch from a visual aspect. Other quirks are extended scenes of dialogue in one location (reportedly to save on costs) – while you might not appreciate the storyline at these stages there is at least a willingness to break from explosions and ‘the blue stuff’ and simply listen to an on going conversation (if you have watched it or are going to you’ll know the episode I mean).

Overall the ending may be predictable, but the roads made in the story could only lead to one place. That said the plot is always fresh and unpredictable at least in the set ups, the parts where you think, ‘How’s he getting out of that?’.

Not to be over attached to some celluloid…but I’m sure there are plenty of fans who will be feeling a bit blue (meth) over the finale. But all good things must come to an end, and that, is not so bad.

2 thoughts on “A Break from Bad

  1. It IS a top notch program with great characters and actors. I don’t know if I can watch Walt turning into such a bad guy though! (but I know I will!)


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