Team, team, team, team…team.

FIRST of all…more stories will be coming – apologies to all my loyal fans. As I write this I realise that I’m essentially apologising to myself.

Let’s get to the metaphorical meat of this post. Training days – work related or otherwise, wow, I hate them. Especially this modern emphasis on teamwork. It’s all part of this ethos of ‘working as part of a team’, ‘being a team player’ etc. I mean sure we need cooperation to do a task and to communicate effectively but this whole ‘team’ thing is getting out of hand. As someone who is pretty introverted I feel its essentially a showcase for extroverts to open their mouths and sound off about whatever issue has been raised. I understand what is being said, I understand the main issues, I even understand that talking to other human beings can be a good thing. But having four teams divide up into their natural cliques and discuss a matter within earshot of each other to the point no one can hear whats being said by the person across from them is — pointless really.

I work best on my own when I can concentrate on the task at hand without lots of talking or distractions. I learn best this way too. This whole team learning thing has pervaded every area of life from schools, and universities to work. And the thing is, it’s been proven to be highly ineffective in many situations because lost of people wanting to talk isn’t conducive to having a meaningful or productive discussion. People in groups talk. Social loafing becomes more prevalent. Not all personalities work well in that way.

Team, team, team, team … about I work on that on my own and tell you what I think?

5 thoughts on “Team, team, team, team…team.

  1. Maybe you’d be better as a leopard rather than a lion.
    Leopards aren’t into team playing at all.


    1. Lions lie around most of the time, 18-20 hours a day, not really doing anything other than watching out over their territory – I like it. Maybe a leopardxlion cross


  2. As a teacher I had a lot of training in a lot of groups. The groups tend to cause dumbing down and not up. There is always a person who wants to argue about power and a few people who refuse to pull their weight. Those were the days and I do not miss them.


    1. That’s what I was getting at – it simply allows the loudest to voice their opinions and doesn’t focus on what is actually relevant, what is the most apt idea. And generally everything goes off on a tangent anyway. It has its uses but on a wide scale 100% of the time thing it isn’t great.


      1. I never had a good experience. Most of the time it was a compromise with being tugged in two to three directions with the loudmouths sounding off.


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