How do you make notes?


WHEN it comes to writing I have my own ways of recording my thoughts and stories, characters, plot ideas and all the rest of my minds jibber jabber. I use my sacred BlackBerry (now on the endangered list) for writing jokes, story ideas, and all sorts of random musings that stick in my mind. It’s not quite a pen and a pad, but it’s faster and easier to carry.

Having said that I also have a Red & Black notebook (native to the UK) which I use for all hand written notes on an array of topics which I mainly use at bed time. Now and again I’ll use the laptop but not that often.

So fellow writers, what’s your method?

15 thoughts on “How do you make notes?”

      1. To be honest I think Waterstones were selling them off one day. The tag mentioned Vincent van Gogh having one which is probably complete rubbish but I got suckered anyway.

  1. I use a small notebook and bigger binders to keep all of our stories and novel chapters together. I also make tons on notes on my computer, and then write down the exact same notes just in case the computer loses everything! I always copy and save everything twice! 🙂

  2. I always find that I take the best notes mentally. I just keep them in my head. I know it probably doesn’t work for most writers, but I never want to put thoughts into words until they are formed perfectly. I have a literary blog, so I’m always interested in the writing processes of other writers. Great post!

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