Cheating on Books

too many booksI CANNOT STAY faithful to one book. I’m a serial cheat. I practice literary polygamy and often I don’t even go back to my main book.

And that’s where the relationship/ books analogy ends. Seriously, if I’m reading I have at least three books on the go at once if not more. Who else does this? I know I’m not alone in having many bookmarks in many novels. Currently I am reading Crime & Punishment in bursts, the first novel of the Dexter series, The Spirit Level, and dipping in and out of Edgar Allan Poe. On top of that I have a ‘work book’, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which I sometimes read when my full attention isn’t required.

For some reason there’s a satisfaction in reading lots of different and varied books. And I always finish them too, it’s not like I drift and never come back. What’s your reading system like?

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15 thoughts on “Cheating on Books

  1. I am so guilty of cheating on books although I never used that term before. People always look at me weird when I tell them ” Oh I’m reading three books…” Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hear you! My only problem is if I check several books out of the library at once – I can’t possibly finish them all in the time alloted.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that! A conundrum indeed!

  3. I do the same thing sometimes. I’m currently reading two novels and started another a while back that I have regrettably neglected recently. Too many stories; too little time 🙂

    Also, just a heads up, I mentioned you in my post about the Versatile Blogger Award. There’s no need to take part, it’s just a way of letting others know about blogs we’ve been enjoying.

    1. Thanks for swinging by.
      And for mentioning me in the VBA, I might take part depending on time, quite busy at work just now. Cheers 🙂

  4. I practice literary polygamy, too. I always have two to three books going at the same time. And one of them is usually one I am rereading, just because I enjoy rereading certain books. 🙂
    And I always finish them.
    I’ve read the Dexter series.
    And the Girl trilogy.
    Carolyn 🙂

    1. Literary polygamy! It’s the new way! I’ve no idea what the old way was…but anyway. 🙂

  5. I loved Crime and Punishment once I really got into it. I always have at least one 19th century history book on deck, a novel (at the moment War and Peace–my daughter and I are reading that together) and usually a recipe book from the library with pretty pictures–which I almost never use.

    1. It does take a bit to get into but now I’m about half way I enjoy it more. Still I need to feel energetic to read it at bed time, two pages seem to take forever to get through.

  6. I often have more than one book on the go, usually of different genres or different subject matter. I also run more than one writing project at any one time. Don’t all readers and writers do that? But I don’t believe I’ve ever been able to handle more than three!

    1. I think it’s a mood thing, sometimes some serious psychological debate is what I crave then other days I’ll be happy with some compelling but easy to read thriller.
      And I’m the same with writing projects.

  7. I have books for different times in the day 🙂 I usually begin with Philosophy, then non-fiction or current events, and in the evening I settle down with fiction. Like you, I can’t just go through one book at a time. Book jugglers!

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