DBC – Dallas Buyers Club

dallas buyers club

I WATCHED American Hustle. I watched Wolf of Wall Street. I just watched Dallas Buyers Club. All three are in Oscar contention and understandably so. Equally, they all have their merits from a cinematic stand point, no question. But the Oscars have rarely been a pointer for a film I’d enjoy, once they’d won an award.
So I hope this time around they get it right and give Matthew McConnaughey the best actor award for the portrayal of Ron Woodroof, a man afflicted by HIV in an era and place where men like him didn’t get it. The story unravels as he discovers that there isn’t exactly a cure for AIDS in the 80’s. I won’t say more.

McConnaughey is outstanding in a superbly directed film and has come a long long way since all those weak rom coms. A bit like Di Caprio, he has truly shed the skin of handsome lead actor to become a dam good one. The story is more engrossing and humanistic, taking me on a bigger emotional roller coaster than either of the other ‘big three’ managed. There is some superb supporting acting from Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner as well. Compelling.

Granted I haven’t seen 12 Years A Slave or Gravity, so someone might want to state a case for them, but go see Dallas Buyers Club – you will enjoy the experience.



2 thoughts on “DBC – Dallas Buyers Club

  1. I agree, great film, but you should see gravity, I hear it’s great!


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