Jobcentres – A national disgrace?


I WAS UNEMPLOYED for a whole two months once I left university and claimed for that short time period retrospectively – well in essence you can’t get any money for the first 6 weeks anyway from the start of your claim. I did it late and applied online, receiving no response or emails back and eventually had to get in touch myself. They were meant to call me to tell me to attend an interview. Long story short I had to go in for a meeting with someone, to go over some forms in mid January. Bear in mind I claimed in September. Forms were sent off and I received a letter back saying my reason for not applying sooner wasn’t good enough. Essentially someone decided that because I got a job and am now employed they didn’t want to give me the £600+ I was due, which my family had to cover while I was jobless. Thanks Jobcentre.

Furthermore the Jobcentre is the most sinister and hostile place I have been in recent memory. When entering three G4S goons were waiting to question me about my business when I walked by. Unfortunately they didn’t like the fact I knew where I was going and what I was doing. Additionally two Jobbycentre staff stand at the entrance quizzing people and joking around like clowns. They act like heads of a school from the 1920’s, talking down, arrogant and patronising – seriously disgusting people, and I’m not quick to judge people usually.

I feel sorry for anyone that genuinely needs Jobcentre help and has to visit on a frequent basis. It’s a terrible service and run like an open prison. I can only imagine it’s a fiendishly clever ploy by the Tories to make the atmosphere unbearable and force people to work in order to avoid another visit.

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