Non-Stop…terrible taglines.

Non-Stop...terrible taglines.

Liam Neeson’s latest feature is Non-Stop. Loosely revolving around trying to figure out who the villain is aboard a plane. I’m guessing it’s some sort of Snakes on a Plane, but using real actors.

So I’m walking by a bus stop and I see this poster and the tagline, ‘146 PASSENGERS. 146 SUSPECTS.’
I thought about this for a second and came to this chilling conclusion – Liam Neeson suspects himself..

5 thoughts on “Non-Stop…terrible taglines.

  1. Dumb tagline. But hey, at least the movie’s alright!


  2. As it turns out, he is a suspect because…Well, that would be spoiling things. But yes, he’s a suspect.


    1. I see! Well maybe I was too clever for my own good.


  3. i reckon he suspects himself…


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