Nectar cards – not such a sweet deal


NECTAR POINTS ARE like any other loyalty points scheme except usable over a large number of shops instead of just one. You spend, you get points redeemable for cash equivalents to ‘spend’ in a Nectar shop.

I’m a logical person and a reasonable person. So I’m reasonably logical when it comes to so called deals and bonuses. When it comes down to the math, things start to look a bit like deep sea fish – ugly. On one hand, yes you the customer get points which can be spent in store. Clearly a good thing. The ‘but’ that is always around the corner is here, because if you look at the rewards they are terrible value. They are there to induce you to stay loyal to a group of retail partners. Instead of going to get petrol that is 2p cheaper at Asda, maybe I’ll go to the more expensive BP and get my points. Ironically, I would have saved 40p going to a non-Nectar purveyor of petroleum, and the 50pts gained are worth 25p.

More than that though, if you crunch the numbers it takes 1000pts (you get 2pts per £1 spent), to get £5. In order to get 2000 points you need to spend £1000. As a percentage, Nectar points work out as 0.5% of a return on money spent. That, is terrible. Better than nothing yes, but an awful return.

Additionally shops will advertise ‘Double Points’ weekends or promotional periods – that changes the return to 1%, still massively measly. And it’s not just Nectar doing this, it’s the same with Santander and a whole host of other banks and retailers. The next time I have a decision on whether to make sure I get Nectar points or not, it won’t take me long to figure it out. Go with whatever is cheapest!

2 thoughts on “Nectar cards – not such a sweet deal

  1. I think you get 2 points per £1 in most shops and 1 point per litre in BP garages, but I agree it doesn’t seem like a great deal. I boost my points by using Nectar Adpoints – take a look at my review here –


    1. You’re right, i’ll fix that part! Cheers


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