Dumb It Down Kinder

kinder egg

YOU MAY QUESTION why a 29 year old man would post a picture of an instructional insert from a Kinder egg. You might even think it was bought for someone else – a bit younger perhaps. Well…no. I bought it and the chocolate was great thank you. The toy however, was disappointing and on reflection far too simple and a symbol of the generational shift from between when I was a kid and those who are kids now. To put this together, you have to join two parts of either end of a platypus together. It’s not like this is a challenge even for a three year old. The fact the toys are so dumbed down was the only surprise I found. I don’t care if a few kids didn’t make it because they choked on the once small and multiple parts that used to be a standard decades ago- that’s natural selection, they should have put it together not in their mouths. If they managed to do it in their mouths and then choked – well – that’s highly unfortunate.

1 thought on “Dumb It Down Kinder

  1. I work part time at Lego Land and there the genius of young people is on display. It is awesome. We give them legos and they go to town. Some are immature but some are tremendous.


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