500 – A thanks to all my readers


LIONAROUNDWRITING HAS NOW surpassed 500 followers and 500 comments – if you have been a apart of this happening  then many thanks. Your views, comments likes and presence have been great for feedback, sharing ideas and generally just having fun with this whole blog thing.

I realise the number of stories I’ve written has declined since I started work in a certain positive correlation, but I do get a chance to bash some Blackberry keys during the lulls and note down ideas so will try and get more stuff up on the site. I’m also trying to submit more short stories for publishing which is very time consuming.

In other news, Lionaroundwriting.com is the newest way to look at my site as I bought the domain name recently, you can direct click – but of course that’s in your bookmarks already..

Thanks again, stay around, and I’ll keep up to date with your blogs as well for some inspiration.

11 thoughts on “500 – A thanks to all my readers

  1. congratulations! very well deserved!


  2. That is great! I have enjoyed your blog since joining WP.


    1. Thanks, I hope you continue to do so!


  3. Congratulations! Well deserved 🙂 Peace . . .


  4. it is always an honor reading your works.


    1. Many thanks awax! I still plan to read your story 🙂


      1. Looking for your insight.


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