Short Story Submission #2

writing humourWELL I SAID I would be concentrating on sending more stuff off to get published at the beginning of the year. Perhaps my concentration has been wavering…as this is the first thing I’ve sent this year, my second ever submission.

I finally got my shit together and sent a story to East of the Web who specialise in short stories. The hard part isn’t sending it, it’s editing it to a point where you are happy with it enough to hit ‘Send’. Despite the worst case scenario being a cold dead silence from EotW, I always get worried before sending my writing. Stupid worries crop up. What if my punctuation was horrible? The story reads great to me, what if they can’t understand it? But then…what if, I never sent it at all?

Submission jitters – it sounds like some BDSM terminology but it arises from the fear of rejection – not even face to face rejection, the worst kind, it’s the possibility of being rejected and not knowing why.

I have a couple more that are definitely publishable, so my aim is to submit them in the next two weeks. May the editorial gods be with me (or at least looking at their inbox, preferably after a bottle of wine).

20 thoughts on “Short Story Submission #2”

    1. A few more rejections on my book. In a strange way I find rejections easy to take on the book because I know its tough to get published, but with the short stories I get more pissed off.

  1. Quit lionaround! 😉 1) whats the worse thing that could happen? Your ms gets rejected? 2) get used to rejection – you need to accumulate dozens(a hundred some say) of them to get an acceptance. (Sort of like kissing all those frogs to find the prince (princess/lioness in your case). 3. s/he who fails to submit, fails to publish.
    Advice easier given than taken – I edited forever.
    Good luck and best wishes,

  2. Ah! I know what that’s like. And I have zero…nil…nul…submissions to my credit this year. So, you are still ahead of the game. 🙂 Good Luck & keep going! Persistence pays off.x

    1. Thanks! Gonna need some. But more just persistence – it’s so time consuming to look at the publishers and see their formats etc, word lengths and then do this over and over..I need to keep doing it.

      1. I know. I sometimes wish that they all used the same guidelines. It can be a real issue to find them and then decipher what they are asking you to do. Keep going though! You will get there. 🙂

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