Discovering new writers – George Saunders

Pastoralia george saundersI LOVE FINDING a book that I’ve never read before by an author I’ve never heard of before then reading said book and finding that I love the authors writing style and entire way of thinking.

Well I was lucky enough that my girlfriend picked up Pastoralia by George Saunders in a charity shop. Right away I’d like to apologise to Saunders for the fact he’ll receive zero pence in royalties, royalties he richly deserves. I’ll have to buy another book at double the price to make up for it. Pastoralia is a weird and wonderful world of odd characters and quirky incidents. Saunders writes so well and expressively that he conjures up brilliant characters and scenarios with humour and wit that had me laughing out loud a few times, something I rarely do even when reading funny books. The way he thinks and expresses characters thoughts through the story world are fantastic, the stories themselves well realised and often comedic. He simply has a knack for compelling writing that draws you in.

This isn’t so much a book review but an appreciation of writers newly discovered. Continuing to read from certain authors is great, but picking a book up with no idea what to expect and being pretty mesmerised by it is a wonderful thing. Not always easy in these times of media saturation and spoiler alerts, press releases, illegal downloads and something I’ve only heard rumour of – legal downloads.

3 thoughts on “Discovering new writers – George Saunders

  1. I wrote about my wife and I today. Monday is our 44th anniversary and I wrote it to give my readers a smile. Let me know what you think? Barry


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