The Great WordPress Gender Divide

ImageAS A MALE blogger I can’t help but notice that the vast majority 60-70% of bloggers are female (my dedicated team of squirrels are still away crunching the actual numbers), at least judging by the pictures in the avatars and blog names.

In no way am I saying this is a bad thing, just interesting.

Can anyone share their wisdom and insight into why this might be? I know most of my friends present and past scarcely even read which explains a lot, and when it comes to writing, the odd one did poetry and that was it. Is writing less exciting than sinking six pints with a couple of friends at the pub? I guess it must be. Or if you’re Bukowski, you do both.

What gives?


  1. Seems biggest demographic of my followers 50 – 70 age range women. I don’t know why. My cartoons are generic but many would require some historical or literary frame of reference to appreciate. One reason, maybe is that my blog has drawn people by word of mouth and like draws like.

    1. Interesting and that could certainly be a reason, simply that the people who read it tend to pas it on to similar minds.
      It’s curious that the age range is so closely clustered. How do you check for stats like that?

  2. when you blog, you air your opinions. Yes, YOUR opinions. Men have been conditioned to have their wife’s/girlfriend’s or SO opinion. so, you get out on the net, you speak your mind and that chum, causes problems. Women, they can pretty much do/say what they want, and so make better bloggers.

    Yes, it is that simple


    1. if you are very weary of gender politics, why are you saying men are the problem ? Honestly, I am confused by your contradictions, please explain this commet

      1. Okay, it was intended as sarcasm, because I am weary and frustrated. I do not actually believe that men are the problem, or that women are the problem.

  3. I, too, am a male. I just think it is because women, generally, are more inclined to openly express themselves and what they are feeling. Or not – I’m just guessing 😉

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