A Short WordPress Tip – Drafts

DO YOU START typing out a post or an idea that you either don’t finish or plan to finish later? As you know they end up in the ‘Drafts’ section of your WordPress. The problem is, when you finish the post and publish it, the date and time from when you first began creating the post is the time reference that WordPress uses to publish the piece.

An illustration: I create a post on May the 13th. But I don’t publish it until May 18th. Any posts you have made in between these dates that DID get published, will still be ahead of the ‘New’ post.

The simplest solution is to copy paste your material into a New Post and publish, that way it publishes to the top of your blog and more importantly your post will be published to WordPress Reader as a new post. If you publish a post that was once a draft it will not appear as a new post in the Reader and less people will see it. I hope that helps.

8 thoughts on “A Short WordPress Tip – Drafts

  1. Did not know that. Thanks for the tip :))

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    1. I think for scheduled posts its still ok.
      WP might have even ironed out the kink, but I always create a new draft right before I post.


  2. I didn’t know that (I may have fallen into the trap once), so thank you for the info!


  3. Thanks for that information! I am new at blogging, and have a handful that are in Drafts – some from a few weeks ago. This information will definitely keep me from ‘losing’ those posts in later dates…


    1. Glad to help! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  4. I write it quickly and if it strikes a chord with me, publish it quickly. But interesting how it archives.


    1. Yeah I tend to be the same, but if you save the draft then publish days later, you lose out on the chance of people seeing it.


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