22 Jump Street – the Terminator 2 of comedies

22 jump street jonah hill channing tatum


I WENT TO watch this with my girlfriend on Wednesday. The first film was solid, amusing enough but not outstanding. 22 Jump Street manages to completely nail the funny in this self-mocking sequel.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a great foil for each other and manage to provide plenty of laughs alongside a top notch script complete with visual gags and all kinds of cliche flips to boot. What could have been a generic sequel has turned out to be far better than the first, and genuinely one of the finest comedies I’ve seen at the cinema in many years.

The script is self deprecating about the plot revolving around a drugs case just like the first installment, except this one is set at college instead of high school. Gags are finely executed and manage to turn cliches on their head.

Overall a surprisingly fantastic comedy. Jonah Hill delivers great comic timing and Channing Tatum provides the muscle but the playoff between both actors works really well as they try to track down a drug dealer distributing ‘WHYPHY’. Cue mayhem!

Clearly the demographic is the under 30’s age group, but the script is good enough to carry it to a wider audience.

Even the end credits will have you staying in your seat.

Go and watch it!

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