Sugar, Diet and RDA


SINCE WHEN DID 120g of sugar become recommended? For women it is 90g. Surely any dietary body should be recommending as little as possible never mind setting a daily threshold as high as 120g. Sugar is becoming a demonised commodity of the West and rightly so. It is in EVERYTHING! And the things it isn’t in are full of shite like aspartame. Once sugar was a luxury reserved for the very wealthy but as the trade routes opened up and shipping became easier, it became common place on all tables, in various basic forms. You used to have to seek sugar out to have it in something. But the second half of the 20th century led to manufacturers pumping sugar into all imaginable products – not just in small doses. It is bad for teeth, waistlines, energy levels (once the spike is over) and highly addictive. Strange that only now countries are beginning to think of ‘sugar taxes’ to curb the massive health problems now and those of the future. Finland like the organised nation it is, is ahead of the pack having introduced taxation on sugar laden products due to abnormally high levels of obesity. Refreshing to see a proactive approach by a government not afraid of trade lobbies and pandering to big business. Food manufacturers being the sneaky people they are long ago realised the potential of addiction in selling their products. Salt and sugar are the foundations of any snack; designed to get you hooked. There are departments dedicated to developing new product lines released under the often seen banner of ‘New Improved’. What that equates to is they have made the foodstuff even more delightful for the parts of the brain that light up like a Christmas tree when you eat their ingredients. Back in the good old days when we had spears in our hands instead of iPads, finding honey or a similarly sweet substance must have driven primitive humans nuts but at least we had to actively hunt it out instead of opening a cupboard for our reward. What is the sensible solution? For every 1kg of sugar we eat in a calendar year we should be made to go and harvest sugar cane in skin burning heat. Every kilogram eaten= 1 acre has to be chopped down with a deliberately blunted machete.

7 thoughts on “Sugar, Diet and RDA

  1. Read also “A Time to Weep” by (the sadly recently late) Dr Walter Yellowlees’ It covers health and healthy eating in the round. He was far ahead of his time and his GP practice took in the Aberfeldy area, including up to the head of Glen Lyon (in winter!) in a time without instant communication and as sole practitioner for a time. “In this fertile island, we still have to import some 40% of our national diet. The small mixed family farm has made way for industrialised agriculture, so land and crops are showered with large quantities of artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Organic farming is opposed by a wealthy multinational artificial fertiliser industry. The resulting population changes in rural Britain bring ever expanding crime-ridden cities…”


  2. Several of the popular science magazines have been preaching the anti sugar message for a while. We don’t need it!


    1. And if people eat plenty fruit theres lots of natural sugar there but still sugar, and then they’ll eat junk as well.
      Its hard to get away from sugar, its been peddled to us for so long. Tough job getting some sort of control on amounts in food.


  3. In 1972 a well respected endocrinologist called John Yudkin was written off as a crazy person in the mainstream (by sugar lobbyists) when he wrote a book in 1972 called “Pure white and deadly” I would highly recommend it; dude is like the Nostradamus of the food industry.

    After reading it, sugar, or sucrose, doesn’t scare me; it’s sweeter and more addictive counterparts like high fructose corn syrup scare me. He outlines in the book that the body is incapable of breaking it down into energy properly, so it just sits in the liver as dead weight, turning into cancerous tumors, bad times…

    The problem is metrics, and governments saying lots and doing little, anyways, definate recommendation.


    1. I’ll add that to my reading list, thanks for the recommendation.
      I read a book about ten years ago that said something similar, that versions of fructose are really bad and of course the government does give a flying squirrel about it.

      Sugar in its raw form in small amounts is fine, but the excess of sugar and its derivatives are the real killer in that its hard to buy a product without it in some form or another.


  4. sugar is the enemy of mankind. We eat to much of it and then wonder why there is obesity in our midst.


    1. Yeah it really is terrible mainly because food makers realised anything with lots of sugar is addictive therefore will sell more.
      Also sugar is very cheap and poorer people are almost forced to buy sugar laden foods as it costs far less than many healthy ones.


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