Write out of my Head


This is genuine flash fiction, or ‘rash fiction’ as I prefer to call it, written during some down time at work. Four separate shorts, four very different topics. Enjoy.


I’VE SEEN HARDENED men in flak jackets take bullets like paintballs. Those same men have been wearing bullet proof jackets, and mowed down by words, without a scratch on their skin, injuries internal.


DISTRACTED AND STRUGGLING to stay in the conversation.

TV is on. Phone is on. Tablet on. Lights. On. Broadband – blue light. Yes, on.

Brain well and truly off.

Whatever you just said, record it and I’ll get back to you later,

through anti-social media.



Facing a Jake La Motta raw

Pieces of bone held together,

By flesh, as the floor, helped

them down.

Nobody saw, so nobody broke the law

On the deserted street in the loneliest war.


NO REGRETS – at least

the ones I haven’t grown to detest

Often they are, the people I have

known the best.

5 thoughts on “Write out of my Head”

  1. You never cease to amaze and I really like these. I agree with godless cranium about the first and the last being the ones I also like most. Had to google Jake la Motta – and promote three to one.

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