An Idea

an ideaI HAD AN idea once. No, wait, that makes me sound like I’ve only had one. I’ve had at least three in my lifetime… But seriously I had an idea for a story about a planet where there is a master race who control all the resources, they turn it into a giant mine and exploit every living organism in it. There were many different kinds of people – the ones who controlled everything, and all the others. And there were chains of hierarchy whereby the rich enslaved the poor. Not necessarily in chains, attached to a desk, not like that. More in a subtle kind of way, like some people far far away would spend twelve hours a day stitching footwear together so the wealthy could buy them and parade them around until a small patch of dirt on the white fabric made them hideous and unwearable ever again.

Or that people would be forced to feed prawns and peel them from boats on which they would be prisoner, because the company who enslaved them had armed guards to make sure they didn’t leave. Then I had an even better one, idea that is, focusing on a factory where workers were so sick and tired of earning a pittance from their laborious lives behind a factory wall, they decided to kill themselves.

Which lets face it, is entirely selfish seeing as people need to make phone calls in another part of the world.

One way or another, whether ghost-slavery or blatant, this planet destroyed itself because the imbalance was so pronounced that it literally stopped spinning.

Then I realised, it wasn’t even fiction…

8 thoughts on “An Idea

  1. Ah the story of our times…. Tragic & grotesque!


    1. Sometimes I swear we become the fiction we write as a whole. The world is just absurd.
      Hows the book writing going?


      1. Not going anywhere at all, sadly. Nor are the short stories. But planning to resume once this manic period ends. Yourself? You are a prolific blogger & that puts me to shame!


      2. Keep trying 🙂
        I have been struggling in the nice weather to write as much – I need to get writing!


      3. Ah yes! Too many temptations around.😉 Tell me, do you write at the same time every day, and the same number of words? I mean, do you follow a plan of sorts, or is it all quite fluid and flexible?


      4. I wish I did!
        I don’t have a schedule, I generally write when I feel I have the energy to come up with something creative.
        I’d love to write to a schedule – I did manage it for about a month and got a decent chunk of my novel in progress done, so it does work, just hard to be disciplined with.


      5. Tell me about it!! I write in spurts too. And by all accounts, that’s the worst way to write. It has to be a daily grind. But life has a funny way of scuppering that!! Good luck anyhow. I enjoy reading your blog posts & it’s always fun to talk to another writer.😊


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