George Carlin Died Today 6 Years Ago

george carlin wisdomWHAT A SHAME he isn’t still around. I wish he was here to pass comments on, and ridicule everything the US and UK have done in other countries since 2001.

He was a rare comedian in that he managed to be hilarious and incredibly clever all while pointing out the horrific state of mankind. A lot of comedians manage some of those elements but few have/ had the raw delivery of Carlin and ability to combine all of them with such ease. Thankfully there is plenty of footage and media to remind us of his ability to point out the insanity of the world that we are all involved in.

4 thoughts on “George Carlin Died Today 6 Years Ago

  1. I only came across him for the first time since starting on WP through another blogger. Then spent a glorious few hours checking out his wit and delivery on You Tube. You had a good ‘un there. A big loss.


  2. My first impression of Carlin was on a New Years Eve, when he performed a stand-up routine on TV that made my parents really uncomfortable around us. In hindsight that makes me love him all the more.


  3. I also miss his wit and his off beat charm. Brilliant man who will fade into the bitterness of once was.


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