WordPress Tip: Easy Tagging

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ONCE YOU HAVE typed up your blog post chances are you will be tagging it so that people who search for ‘Zombie Chiropodist’ will find your very niche blog post about it.

There is some dispute as to how many tags you should put in for one post, I tend to add as many as I can think of that are relevant to the post. This ranges from perhaps eight up to twenty, it just depends, some topics are more ‘taggable’. And if you are like me, your posts will generally revolve around a set number of subjects, often with the same themes.

So the tip to save you a bit of time is this: In the blog Posts window (Click Dashboard, then Posts), you will see the tags displayed for previous posts. If you have a new post with very similar tags simply select and copy the tags and paste them into the tags part of the new post you are about to publish. Presto! You don’t have to type in the same ones or select them from the list that pops up, much easier!

1 thought on “WordPress Tip: Easy Tagging

  1. I do sometimes have trouble thinking of suitable tags.


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