The Sugar Hill Gang @ King Tut’s


LEGEND’S – WHAT DO they conjure up in your mind? Who are they? What do they do? Everyone has hero’s, and legends are forged in every aspect of life. There are obvious, inescapable legends like Michael Jordan or David Attenborough, masters of their craft. There are poker legends like David Sklansky barely heard of outside of the game. There are legends of all kinds and I was fortunate enough to see the Sugar Hill Gang perform live about 10 feet away from me with Melle Mel (White Lines anyone?) supporting two of the original members.

Rappers delight albumWhy are the Sugar Hill Gang special? In 1979 their seminal hit Rapper’s Delight smashed open the door for future rap acts and was a huge international hit, the best selling 12″ rap vinyl to this very day. Nowadays they’d maybe be labelled as one hit wonders, but they dropped the biggest selling rap record!! EVER! So irrespective of anything that happened at the gig, it was going to be a privilege to see two of the original members (not sure what happened to the other guy) and Melle Mel, a legend in his own right.

After nearly going headlong into other cars down a one way street system in Glasgow during torential rain, as if the car I was driving was weeping ceaselessly, so hard was it to see outside the windscreen , Glasgow the city of fiendish road planning nearly delivered me and my girlfriend into A&E.

What about the gig? It was sold out and when the warm up act failed to materialise the main act appeared earlier than expected. They rocked through some 80’s hits, not their own, which gave it a slightly strange hip hop karaoke vibe until they did Apache and Rapper’s Delight.

It was a pleasure to be there and get the tickets signed. But the guys are in their 50’s, at the end of the show they looked tired. TheySugar hill Gang King Tuts
looked like they wanted to be somewhere else. It’s hard to keep the energy going. Luckily Melle Mel keep the place rocking with plenty of crowd interaction and on stage extroversion. In fact sadly, he stole the show with his energetic presence that never rested.

In the end it was well worth it. It just looked a little sad as the Sugar Hill Gang members looked low on confidence as if somehow they shouldn’t be there. That’s what time can do sometimes.





Are these guys even the original Sugar Hill Gang members? I can’t even be sure, this is the promo pic for the UK gigs.

sugar hill gang

10 thoughts on “The Sugar Hill Gang @ King Tut’s

  1. Was it the actual Sugar Hill Gang or the guys who ripped them off and are using their names, and own all the songs?


    1. Well you have me worried now. I’ll post a pic of the guys that were on stage (the two on the right hand side).
      I’m googling and trying to piece this together and seen that the original guys like Gee even made a documentary about being screwed over in royalties etc I WANT MY NAME BACK…


      1. Yes, I saw the documentary and that’s why I asked. Amazing how screwed over the real Sugar Hill Gang was in the deal, and how these other guys make pretend they are them.


      2. Check the picture at the bottom I added. It looks like there’s at least one original member – cant be sure of the others.


      3. Watch the doc… one guy stayed with the record company guys and gets paid by them, but he had minimal to do on the original recordings… I think you saw the rip-offs, because legally the real guys can’t even use the name according to the doc


      4. Dam! I want my money back.
        This post is going to need a bit of serious revision…
        Thanks for the heads up.


      5. Sorry… just thought you’d like to know what you really saw. And now you know why they did other songs, because they only have the few they stole.


      6. Yeah it did make me suspicious and wonder why they were only doing two original songs. I can’t believe they get away with this. It also explains the look of guilt they had on stage. Melle Mel was the only one who enjoyed himself.


      7. Only doing two original songs, yet they didn’t write them… so really a show of nothing but covers


      8. Fuck. Put it this way none of these guys were there…


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