Protest for Palestine

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MY FIRST PROTEST in Edinburgh was a great experience. It was sad that the need to protest had arisen. The Israeli bombardment on Palestine is entirely unjustified and breaks numerous international conventions. As usual the UN is entirely ineffective, America is joined at the hip with Israel and the UK just stays quiet, trying to hide in the back row, shooting knowing winks at the US when it turns around. When genuine atrocities involving innocent people occur, Western countries have no care unless there is a natural resource to exploit, dictators like Mugabe stay in power for 0ver thirty years.

Back to the protest. It was about boycotting Israel as much as being pro-Palestine (NOT anti-Israel as the media will say). Was it peaceful? Entirely. Was there a diverse group of people? Yes. Did it get the message across? – sadly, no. Because none of the protests or rallies mean a dam thing to people in power; it’s a minor distraction, it’s not even a fly landing on their walnut desk, right next to the contract for heavy duty weaponry.

The reality is that protesting shows the discontent of citizens. Nothing else. Once upon a time in the West, protests led to revolutions at the extreme and change of some sort at the least. People had power, and we still do, but governments are now lapdogs to corporations who certainly don’t care about anyone other than a boardroom of grey haired men.

This post isn’t meant to come across as ‘anti-protest’. Joining hundreds of people for a common cause was great. Raising awareness of the injustice of Israel’s attacks on Palestine can only be a good thing. It is easy to be naïve in this era and think that politicians will jerk up out of their seats and do something good for people. There’s a genuine dire need for a top down change. Protesting can show public fury, but it doesn’t get rid of corrupt politics or war mongers and their friends.

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