Cat Guilt

cat omgI realise I haven’t posted a cat specific post before, I think you’ll agree it’s a glaring omission from my body of work. If I don’t add to the quota the internet may break.

IF HE COULD speak or if I could interpret meows, he would say:
‘I want them back. What have you done with my balls?’

I feel guilt. My partner feels it too.
Our kitten no longer has testicles. It is as if we might have drained him of his true cat essence, like his cat persona would be altered beyond all recognition after a neutering. He’s a really smart kitten, bites and runs around like crazy. So far the loss of testicles hasn’t affected him, although with lowered testosterone he does seems a bit more affectionate. Still, volunteering him for catstration (yeah deliberate mispelling – ha!) seems like a horrible prank that the vet was surprisingly complicit with. No going back now! Not that the vet has stored his balls anyway. Which raises the question: What happens to them?! Is there a black market?

1 thought on “Cat Guilt

  1. Roflmao at the thought of a black market in pussy baws!
    And btw, check out yes Shetlands’s magnificent ginger cat Buster. He is the ultimate. Indeed, you might call him the cat’s whiskers!


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